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eCommerce automation improves store operations, positively influencing risk reduction associated with e.g. order delays, stock replenishment, or overall service level, and thus customer satisfaction. The automation process allows you to partially or fully relieve employees from performing repetitive tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on activities whose specificity requires greater attention from the team. Automation of eCommerce can include both the management of store assortment, as well as order processing, warehouse processes, logistics, marketing, or customer service.

eCommerce automation significantly improves store performance. In terms of order processing, especially in the case of an extended or constantly expanding store offer, automation will help significantly improve the process of expanding the assortment. PIM class systems, which allow for efficient product information management, will prove to be helpful here. In order to optimise the assortment management processes, it is also worth considering integration with external wholesalers, automatic setting of sale prices on the basis of purchase prices and margins, real-time data updating based on data exchange between the wholesaler and the warehouse system, or XML file generation and updating enabling integration with marketplace platforms, price comparison services or advertising tools, such as Facebook Ads.

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