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E-mail marketing is one of the forms of direct marketing using e-mail, which is a medium of communication on the brand-customer level. It allows not only to reach potential customers with the offer, but also to build long-term relationships, brand awareness and trust among customers. More and more tools dedicated to e-mail marketing allow full personalization on the level of, for example, adding the recipient’s name at the beginning of the message, which translates into the reader’s impression and greater interest in the content of the message.

E-mail marketing is based on different paths. It can serve as a field for information about products, brands, promotions, discount coupons, include banners. There are several basic types of mailing, which include:

Newsletter – counted among the most popular option. Thanks to this it is possible to build a long-term relationship with the client. Just put a form to fill out on your website, and users will sign up on their own, getting into your database. Of course, you have to encourage your recipients, so give them a specific value, e.g. in the form of regular knowledge, the possibility to take advantage of promotions before other users or the option to obtain discount codes.

Sales catalog – this type works especially well when you focus on selling specific products. Then you can prepare mailing in the form of catalogs

Autoresponder – that is messages which need a trigger. This type of e-mail marketing works automatically, allows you to send previously planned messages, such as sending the next parts of the guide / ebook at regular intervals.

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