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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a solution for supporters of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, a subscription option where the service provider offers flexible access to the service and a range of benefits. The implementation is fairly easy and, most importantly, quick, and the 3 subscription versions allow the platform’s features to be fully tailored to the requirements, budget and skills of both small and medium-sized businesses, successfully serving large eCommerce as well. Shopify Poland offers proven practical tips and updates on the world’s most popular SaaS system – Shopify.

Shopify Poland – what is worth knowing?

Shopify is a solution valued above all for its flexibility, rapid implementation, an extensive app store and a range of apps, as well as the ease of customizing templates that stand out with good UX. Without programming competence, free and intuitive store management is feasible. Shopify Poland provides security and automated updates for a store, as well as support to help users solve technical problems. With its various subscription plans, Shopify is a solution tailored to both small and medium-sized businesses and large companies that, for example, plan to expand into foreign markets. The platform offers 5 licence plans, which include:

  • Shopify Basic ($29/monthly)
  • Shopify (79$/monthly)
  • Shopify Advanced ($299/monthly)
  • Shopify – Plan Lite ($9/monthly)
  • Shopify Plus – enterprise ($2000/monthly)

Anyone wondering whether the platform will meet their expectations has the option of a two-week trial, where they can configure settings, learn about the app, upload products and test sales.

Shopify Poland, or selling options on Shopify in Poland

As well as being a SaaS platform that allows intuitive management without programming expertise, Shopify excels with other features such as:

  • Quick Time to Market
  • Mobile – first design
  • Responsiveness
  • Stable page load time
  • Multitude of integrations
  • Multiple sales channels that do not require extra expenditure
  • Easy store management, including marketing campaigns
  • Quick store migration from other platforms

Shopify also offers omnichannel sales, linking store to social networks or, for stores with a large or constantly growing product range, integration with PIM-class systems that support product information management.

Shopify Poland – how to start selling on Shopify

Despite the fact that Shopify is a Canadian-originated solution, it is successfully applied all over the world. Shopify Poland is a perfect choice for eCommerce business owners who are looking for intuitive solutions and seamless growth potential, including opening up to foreign markets. How do I get started with Shopify Poland? To launch a store, apart from signing up for an account, customizing a template and uploading products, it will be necessary to integrate a payment and delivery system, i.e. to perform integration with systems and courier companies operating on the Polish market. Shopify is an GDPR-compliant platform, although you are ultimately responsible for how you store customer data. In the case of terms and conditions, such as the Returns Policy, these are easily editable, as are taxes, which can be configured in the admin panel.

Blog for Shopify Store Owners

Choose Shopify in case:

  • You wish to launch your eCommerce store swiftly without investing in extensive design and development. Shopify helps you stay focused on your product and marketing straight away.
  • Having a completely customized design is not important to you. Ultimately, people buy your product, not your website.
  • You are planning a big project – hundreds of products or international sales and marketing via various platforms.

Best Shopify Blog Templates and Themes

If you are looking to start creating some original blog content for your brand, then you need to grab a good Shopify blog template.

Writing content in general will not go anywhere, so it is better to use all marketing tools to drive traffic and revenue to your store. Writing blog articles can also be a great help to find new and loyal customers. After all, it is a brilliant outlet when you want to provide more detailed information about your product and set you up as an expert in a particular industry – great for SEO!

So, what to search for in a Shopify blog template?

In the face of having so many options to pick from, just exactly how would you know which Shopify blog theme to select? Well, below is what we believe you should look out for when choosing one:

  • Essential blog features. Make sure you check the demos carefully to ensure that the blog template has the features you require. This may include a custom author name next to an article, social media share buttons, a sidebar of recent posts, tags, categories, a comments section and so on.
  • Clear navigation. Test the theme demos to see if the store has clear navigation and easily accessible blogs.
  • Mobile optimization. It seems pretty obvious, we know, but ensure your blog theme is fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Your personal branding. Keep an eye on your template colors, designs and layouts. Once you have narrowed it down to what works for you personally, you will have an easier time choosing the one.

Top 5 free Shopify blog themes

  • Studio – Shopify’s basic blog template for artists

Studio provides an ideal Shopify blog theme for artists and collections with its stylish but minimum design.

The theme is superb for editorial content -optimized for longer-form text sections to support brand storytelling.

Studio is straightforward to configure and customize to suit your style. You can customize layouts and tinker with flexible design and customization options. The blog template itself, however, is very basic – so if you like that sort of design, Studio is for you!

Key features of the theme:

  • Optimized for editorial content
  • Optimized for high-quality images
  • Enhanced search
  • Sticky header

The Studio is a good choice if a minimalistic design and a focus on artistic expression is what you are aiming for.

  • Taste – a bold blog template for food lovers from Shopify

Should you be looking for a place to post your recipes, Taste has is all.

Taste features a free Shopify blog template for your food & beverage themed business. This Shopify theme is bold, colourful and perfect for visual storytelling.

Its blog section is specifically set up as a place for recipes, but honestly, you could really use it for whatever you like. Be it tips, stories or informative content about your products, Taste features a minimal and adaptable blog section. You can also add a product to your article using the add-to-cart button, as well as a quick buy.

Key features of the theme:

  • Optimized for editorial content
  • Optimized for high-quality images
  • Customizable layout and design
  • Speed-tested and approved

While the blogging section does not provide many features, Taste’s bold, minimal design and simplicity make it one of the preferable free options.

  • Sense – a fresh and bright design for your Shopify blog

As with all of Shopify’s free blog templates, this one is basic – you have the option to share an article, add a date, and add high-resolution images. The theme also features a sticky header and a neat design. However, as for the theme itself, it is certainly not lacking in features.

Key features of the theme:

  • Optimized for high-quality images
  • Advanced customization options
  • Quick configuration and launch

Minimalistic, fresh, and free – go to this Shopify blog design if this is something that works for you.

  • Dawn – a chic Shopify blog template for your store

Dawn is free and features a basic blog template for your trendy Shopify store.

Dawn, with a chic and minimalistic blog design, positions its products front and centre. The theme is excellent for visual storytelling and is well-suited to multiple sectors, including apparel, accessories, health & beauty, and home & garden,

The blog page is kept to a minimum, so it is ideal for publicising product releases or producing any informative content.

Key features of the theme:

  • Optimized for high quality images
  • Quick setup and launch
  • Advanced customization options

If a Shopify blog template suitable for product news and updates is what you are looking for, Dawn could be your choice.

  • Ride – an elegant and dark Shopify blog theme for sports fans

Ride is Shopify’s free theme that provides a sports-centric design for your store and blog.

A great theme for story writing, how-to guides and other informative content. Ride features a customizable layout and advanced customization options, but the blog space itself is kept to a minimum 

Push your storytelling to the higher level with the editorial content feature of Ride supporting longer-form text. Ride is also easy to configure and customize, so no coding to worry about.

Key features of the theme:

  • Optimized for editorial content
  • Optimized for high-quality images
  • Unique page templates
  • Speed-tested and approved

Ride is an eye catcher with its design and colours, but also provides its features – be it a blog, product pages or homepage.

Top 12 premium Shopify blog themes

1. Yanka – a versatile Shopify blog template with premium features

Yanka features a very premium looking Shopify blog template and many handy features.

Price: $48

2. Avone – feature-rich Shopify blog templates beloved by thousands

Avone offers a lot when it comes to Shopify blogs that are functional and well designed.

Price: $79

3. Story – a modern Shopify blog design for storytellers

Story comes with a premium Shopify blog template and a myriad of handy brand-building features.

Price: $280

4. Ugo – a dedicated Shopify blog theme focused on high quality content

Ugo is Shopify’s blog-first template for any designer.

Price: $55

5. Editorial – a Shopify blog theme for brand storytelling

Colourful and light, Editorial is Shopify’s premium theme perfectly adapted for blogging.

Price: $220

6. Zeexo – a maximalist Shopify blog theme for your products

Zeexo features a rather maximalistic blog site, the best for news-type content.

Price: $59

7. Icon – a chic Shopify blog design for image-forward brands

Icon provides a great Shopify blog template for image-centred content.

Price: $240

8. Trendway – a multipurpose Shopify blog theme for trendy content

Trendway brings you a responsive Shopify blog template for your brand.

Price: $32

9. Woodstock – a traditional Shopify blog design that gets the job done

Woodstock is a premium Shopify template with lots of customization features.

Price: $59

10. Corano – a classic eCommerce Shopify theme fit for blogging

Corano makes a great Shopify blog theme that is best suited for jewellery companies, fashion brands, apparel and cosmetics.

Price: $48

11. Vogue – a lookbook-style blog template for Shopify

Vogue offers a pure blog theme for small business.

Price: $180

12. Boost – an engaging Shopify theme focused on editorial content

Boost provides a sales-focused Shopify blog template for your product updates.

Price: $280

Advantages of having a Shopify store blog

While investing time into a blog may seem like quite a commitment, there are plenty of benefits that come with a blog. Here are some of them:

  • A blog brings more visibility to your brand.
  • You can use blog space for product-related communications that are useful to your customers.
  • A blog could help generate more organic traffic through smart SEO.
  • A blog can provide a platform to share valuable tips and guidance related to your products and/or industry.
  • By sharing articles on social media, it has the potential to push you closer to your audience and support your SEO efforts.
  • In conclusion, our recommendation is to use every marketing platform possible – and that includes a blog.

Shopify blog theme alternative – a page-builder app

While having a Shopify blog theme to handle all the work is a very wise decision, you may want to actually make your store more special? Well, this is easily done with a Shopify page builder.

Do not worry, a page builder does not mean that you will have to delve into the code. The only thing it does is to offer more tools, custom templates, sales-friendly design features and plenty of items to customize your store.

Page Builder apps are a reliable equivalent to Shopify’s pre-developed blog themes, and they are priced similarly. So, why not give them a try?


Whether you choose to blog for news-related content, sharing tips and tricks, or promoting your products, you need a good blog theme that goes with your plan.

To bring our list to a close, let us say that there are plenty of options to choose from. From free and basic Shopify blog templates to more customizable and feature-rich designs, these themes have it all.

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