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Baselinker for eCommerce automation

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Along with the growing popularity of online shopping, the number of channels through which we can reach new customers increases. Often, apart from one main online store, price comparison websites (e.g. Ceneo or Skąpiec), marketplaces (Allegro, Empik) or other online stores are also used for promotion. In response to the ever-increasing requirements of online store owners, systems were created that began to enable the management of the product offer, mass edition of products, or opened the way to integration with many different eCommerce systems. One of such systems is baselinker for eCommerce automation.


Below is a list of the most important functionalities that allow you to:


  • Comprehensive order handling
  • Mass invoicing
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Automation of processes in the company


Comprehensive order handling 


Thanks to the built-in module for handling orders, we get the ability to manage sales, perform mass actions, change order statuses, automatically send invoices or automatically create waybills. My experience with setting up a baselinker system for customers shows that it can be combined into a highly efficient ecosystem that automatically issues and sends invoices after purchase, creates mass or automatic labels and manages their printing. It automatically sends information about the current status of the shipment to the customer.




The biggest advantage of baselinker for eCommerce automation is the multitude of integrations. As the main eCommerce sales support software, it has the integration of leading suppliers on the Polish market.


Store system suppliers:

  • Shoper
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
  • Many other


Sklepy Baselinker



  • In Post
  • DPD
  • Poczta Polska
  • DHL
  • Many other




Warehouse and accounting systems (ERP and others):

  • Wfirma
  • Fakturowo
  • Firmao
  • inFakt
  • iFirma





In my opinion, the biggest advantage of baselinker is the possibility of extending sales with additional channels (marketplace / price comparison websites). For this reason, we have access to a huge customer base within a few clicks.


Popular marketplaces:

  • Allegro
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Empik
  • Etsy



Popular price comparison websites:

  • Skapiec
  • Ceneo
  • Domodi / Allani


Who is Baselinker for?


Baselinker for eCommerce automation is a system for people who use at least one source of obtaining orders (Allegro, online store). Its main goal is to accelerate and automate basic activities related to order processing.

When the number of orders increases and the basic activities related to their handling take more and more time. This is a good time to think about implementing the system. Personally, I recommend baselinker for people who:

  • They have an online store
  • They have many forms of delivery (e.g. DPD Courier, DHL,InPost, Poczta Polska)
  • They sell on the Allegro or other marketplace


Baselinker pricing


Baselinker price ranges from 39.00 PLN to 299.00 PLN. It varies depending on the number of offers and the number of orders. The exact price list can be found at this link:
baselinker pricing




A well-implemented baselinker speeds up the time of order processing, allows you to automate processes or add integrations that are not available, for example, directly through the store platform. Thanks to the rapid development and investments, it is constantly being improved with new modules. Therefore, if we want to automate some of the processes related to order processing (sending sales documents, automatic issuing of invoices or receipts), add additional channels to reach the customer, such as Allegro, eBay or Amazon, then baselinker will be a good solution.

Grzegorz Sękowski
Grzegorz Sękowski

eCommerce Manager at Paul Rich – multimillion jewellery premium watch brand. Shopify & Shopify PLUS consultant, blogger and ex-founder of napnell.pl

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