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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study presents the process of optimization theme and customer journey for the Yoga Bazar online store.


About the Yoga Bazar brand


Yoga Bazar is the largest specialist online store in Poland specializing in selling yoga products, founded by Mr. Marek Rogowski in 2014. In the store, you will find products of famous brands: Manduka, Sayoga, and Bodhi Yoga.


Main project goals


The project aimed to improve the customer’s shopping path, refresh the graphic design of the store and optimize conversion.


Conversion rate optimization Case Study – Project flow


Conversion Rate project was divided into several stages and spread over several months of work. Below is a summary of the individual steps of work.


Conversion rate audit


We started our work by auditing the website and the client’s shopping path. The most important elements of the store were examined, i.e., the home page, listing page, product card, basket, and checkout. Then, the traffic from the Google Analytics and Google Search Console analytical tools was analyzed. The result of a detailed analysis was an audit with a potential list of improvements and a sheet, which was used as a basis for project management. A total of 21 improvements were selected.


Conversion Rate Optimization WorkSheet.

  • Impact for business – hypothetical impact on business.
  • Website place – place on the website.
  • Module name – name of the module, e.g. sticky menu, product box, product gallery.
  • Device – desktop or mobile device.
  • Hypothesis of customer journey – hypothetical impact on improving the customer’s shopping path.
  • Improvement description – the name of the improvement.
  • Responsibility – responsibility, e.g. Frontend developer, eCommerce manager.
  • Status – status of the task, e.g. To do, In progress or Done.


UX/UI design


With the support of a UX/UI Designer, mockups and layouts in the Figma tool were prepared for website elements that required additional views. Then, sets of graphic banners for the home page (sliders and category banners) were prepared.


Yoga Bazar Desktop

Graphic banners on the home page Yogabazar.pl – Desktop

Graphic banners on the home page Yogabazar.pl – Mobile


Implementation Conversion Rate Optimization improvemnts


The next stage was the programming implementation of changes with a Frontend developer and the introduction of changes in the CMS (store panel). A few examples of modifications implemented as part of the CRO audit.


1. Sticky header and filters collection page (desktop).

2. Adding red badges with the percentage discounts and crossed-out prices before the promotion (desktop + mobile).

3. Sticky Add to Cart button on the product detail page (mobile).

4. Sticky header and filters collection page (mobile).


All changes were selected and implemented based on previous experience with A/B tests for similar online stores. Before introducing changes in places that have the most significant impact on the conversion, i.e., checkout, shopping cart, or product card, it is best if the modifications are tested on a smaller sample of traffic to be sure that we have not unknowingly lowered the conversion.


Used tools & technologies



Cooperation results


The cooperation resulted in the implementation of approximately 80% of the changes from the Audit. Other changes required a significant modification of the template, or their impact on the business would be so low that we decided with the owner of Yoga Bazar to omit them. The effect of the cooperation was an average increase in the conversion rate a month after the implementation of the changes by about 12% and a decrease in the bounce rate.


Average Conversion Rate increase


Average Bounce Rate decrease

Implemented CRO improvements


Completed changes from the CRO audit

Cooperation review


Several months of cooperation resulted in a visual refresh of the template and improved the customer’s journey. Thus, the bounce rate was reduced, and the average conversion increased by about 12%.

I recommend working with Grzegorz Sękowski as an external expert in improving the online store’s conversion rate and as an e-commerce manager.

Marek Rogowski

CEO & Founder, Yoga Bazar Sp. z o.o.


Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study summary


Conversion optimization took 2-3 months. First, a detailed audit was performed with tasks for external team members (eCommerce Manager, Frontend Developer, UX/UI Designer). The next step was to prepare the designs by the Graphic Designer. At the very end, programming changes were implemented by the Frontend Developer, and panel changes by the eCommerce Manager. The effect of the cooperation was an average increase in conversion by about 12% and a reduction in the bounce rate.

Grzegorz Sękowski
Grzegorz Sękowski

eCommerce Manager at Paul Rich – multimillion jewellery premium watch brand. Shopify & Shopify PLUS consultant, blogger and ex-founder of napnell.pl

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