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eCommerce Case Study is also referred to as a Case Study. It is a presentation of the performance of a specific project successfully completed. The primary role of the Case Study is to show what was our task in the project and how we achieved it. Therefore, we present the effect of our work including the benefits that come from it. It is important for the case study to include the result of the conducted action, which should be measured and presented in the form of specific figures.

What role does an eCommerce Case Study play? First of all educational. At the stage of acquiring customers it is important to inform the audience about what, in fact, we offer. You should take into account the fact that many customers, for example wanting to use the services of an eCommerce agency, do not fully know what are the specific activities that are part of the company’s offer. This in turn makes it difficult for them to imagine what benefits they can count on, deciding to cooperate.

A case study also means real results, i.e. presentation of how much a client, who has already benefited from our services, has gained. The case study is therefore one of the factors which make potential clients aware of the results of our services. Based on the data we present, they can relate it to their own project and make a decision on establishing cooperation more quickly. At the same time the case study includes advice and tips which allow the recipient to independently draw important conclusions. The publication of eCommerce case studies also helps to build trust in the company – on its pages we present and describe how we operate and perform tasks in practice.

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