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Price comparison Ceneo in Poland

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For many online shops the price comparison Ceneo may be one of the main sources of income. Ceneo is currently the biggest price engine in Poland and a leading price engine in Europe. In numbers, it has 30 million offers, 26 thousand active Internet shops and 23 million monthly users. Before making a purchase, customers like to compare offers of various online shops.


Price comparison services often help to make the final decision. Users on Ceneo most often already have a purchase intention and the comparison engine serves them as a tool to compare and choose this one offer. This tendency is confirmed by monthly results of site visits, oscillating around 20 million users per month. In the following article I will present who Ceneo is for, how to start there and for which branches and products it works best.


What price comparison engines are available on the Polish market?


Apart from Ceneo, there are several other price comparison services available on the Polish market. Less popular, but also gaining popularity comparison sites are: Skąpiec, Okazje.info, Nokaut, ceneria, kupujemy.pl, sklepy24.pl and alleceny.pl.


Definitely, at the very beginning it is worth focusing on price comparison Ceneo while in subsequent stages of development one may think about adding additional traffic sources in the form of new comparison sites. Among the presented platforms, Skąpiec is in second place with 3 million unique users per month. The podium is closed by okazje.info with a result of 1.5 million users per month.


For which industries the sale on Ceneo works best?


Selling on Ceneo, depending on the industry, can generate even more than half of the revenue in an online store. The best categories that I have observed so far that generated the highest sales compared to other traffic sources were:


  • power tools
  • household appliances
  • specialised medical equipment
  • building materials
  • electronics
  • toys
  • furniture


Therefore, these are the products that are widely available in many online stores at different prices or have a wide technical specification (household appliances or power tools).

Accordingly, sellers have predetermined wholesale price lists from their suppliers. In the example below, the iRobot Roomba I3 I 3158 product is offered by 5 stores. 4 out of 5 sellers offer a price not lower than PLN 1189.00 gross.

This is probably a prohibitive price imposed by the device vendor. Abovementioned actions are intended to protect sellers and eliminate sellers who are competing by constantly lowering the price of the product.


irobot rumba ceneo


iRobot Rumba 2

Source: ceneo.pl


In order to fight for a higher position and sales on Ceneo in the current situation, it will be necessary to have an additional form of promotion of the store, such as a bidding list, which I will discuss in more detail later in this article.


Terms of sale on price comparison Ceneo


The minimum amount to be paid into Ceneo account is 100 PLN* (payment is made during the registration). Then we can use it to promote our offer.


Sales on Ceneo can be divided into two types. The first of them are the so called „re-clicks”. After clicking on it, the customer is redirected to a product card in an Internet store, where the purchase is finalised. A commission is charged for each click (which varies depending on the category).


The second option is a buy now offer which enables the purchase directly on the platform. The customer finalises the purchase from the Ceneo level, chooses the form of delivery and payment. In case of a Buy Now offer a percentage commission is collected from each transaction.

* status as of 27.03.2021.


Sale on Ceneo – costs


Ceneo „click”

The basic cost of selling on Ceneo is the cost per click, which depends on the industry and the season. In the fall and pre-holiday season, promotion costs increase. Average costs oscillate around PLN 0.10 in the January – September season and PLN 0.60 in the October – December season. The most expensive category on Ceneo is Outlet from PLN 0.17 before the fall season and PLN 0.01 in the winter season.

Full cost price list valid from 01/08/2020 **


Cennik sprzedaży Ceneo

Source: biznes.ceneo.pl

** As of March 27, 2021.

Detailed price list for clicks can be downloaded here


Ceneo BuyNow


For purchases below 100 PLN, the average value of commission for sales on Ceneo is 5% + 1 PLN from each order. However, the value of the commission changes together with the value of the sold product. The exact costs of the commission can be checked in the Ceneo business panel in the bookmark Buy Now.


Types of promotions on price comparison Ceneo


Ceneo offers many options for additional promotion. Below are some of the most popular ones:


  • Bidding for an item


It involves raising the price per click of a product. In short, the listing that has a higher rate per click ranks higher. Sellers can compete to rank higher on a category page or product page, regardless of the price of the product.

Licytowanie pozycji Ceneo

Source: ceneo.pl

  • Highlight of the offer


It consists in purchasing a highlighted offer on a category or product page. By assumption, such highlighted offer is more conspicuous, which increases the probability of clicking on the given offer.

Podświetlanie oferty Ceneo

Source: ceneo.pl

  • Buy now


The Buy Now option allows you to purchase direct sales on Ceneo, without having to go to the store’s product card. It is a marketplace service that allows you to sell products directly in Ceneo, even if we do not have our own online store. The buy now button isprominently displayed below the product’s price.


Kup Teraz Ceneo

Source: ceneo.pl


Other promotion options that we will not discuss:

  • Promotional texts
  • Advertising boxes
  • Call button
  • Recommendations
  • Advertising boxes


As you can see, there are a lot of additional options. The most effective form I have come across so far is bidding on a position. In this case, we only pay a higher click rate for our offer and we are sure that each click will attract a user to the store’s website. We do not bear a fixed fee as in the case of highlighting the offer. Well-optimized bids can generate good traffic with a high conversion rate.



How to integrate an online store with a price comparison engine?



To integrate a store with a price comparison engine. First, you have to set up an account on Ceneo. After successful registration, an XML file with the products shall be uploaded. This is the most important part of integration of a store’s offer with a price engine. Most store systems such as Shoper, PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Shopify have ready integrators for XML generation. In the case of less popular engines XML should be prepared according to the specification contained here.


Sales data analysis on Ceneo


With the increase in popularity of Ceneo, and thus higher revenues, there is space for „deeper” data analysis and optimization of sales costs. In addition to standard manual optimization activities, there are solutions on the market that adjust and optimize offers automatically, using API Ceneo. Below are some tools that can help you with your automatic actions.


Live price


It allows, among other things, to automate the setting of prices, depending on the market situation. The system reacts to the actions of the competition – by raising or lowering the prices in the store, respectively. The daily number of updates of the Product Feed is to be determined when choosing the package on the liveprice.pl website.




As in the case of liveprice, the tool allows you to automatically adjust the offer for Ceneo based on accurate analytics.


Trusted Ceneo Reviews


One of the key and decisive issues in customers’ choice of an online store is the social proof in the form of the number and quality of reviews received. Choosing the right system to build online store reviews is crucial. There are plenty of programs and applications for testing trust, someday I will dedicate a separate article discussing available solutions on the market. 🙂


In the context of selling on Ceneo, it is worth considering the Ceneo Trusted Opinions program, which, apart from rating the product after purchase, allows you to display additional information on the Ceneo listing. Which usually translates into higher trust of the offered products. If the buyer participates in the trusted opinions programme, his product is marked with a sign as below and stars with the number of opinions are displayed.


Zaufane Opinie Ceneo

Source: ceneo.pl

Podsumowując jeśli Ceneo stanowi znaczną część naszych przychodów lub planujemy rozwój sprzedaży na Ceneo warto skorzystać z zaufanych opinii Ceneo jako główny program do opinii na sklepie internetowym.




Price comparison Ceneo is a popular and recognizable price comparison engine. Thanks to it, paying only the costs of commission or „over-clicks”, we gain access to 23 million users per month. Starting sales on Ceneo can be done at any moment. Starting from the beginning of the Internet store and adding an additional sales channel for already mature eCommerce. The most effective form of additional promotion on Ceneo is position bidding, thanks to which it is possible to display our offer higher than competition.

Grzegorz Sękowski
Grzegorz Sękowski

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