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eCommerce email marketing – Best Strategies

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Email marketing in eCommerce is one of the most effective sources of obtaining orders. With a well-optimized Newsletter database, e-mail marketing has a much higher conversion rate compared to other channels. Email marketing activities in eCommerce are important, as well as effective communication with our audience on social media. Thanks to this, we are able to automate messages and personalized products for a specific customer.

Before I tell you about the good practices of creating different campaigns, let’s take a look at what needs to be considered to make your message interesting.


Email marketing in eCommerce – how to build an effective newsletter?


e-mail marketing jak zbudować skuteczny Newsletter



Inserting a suitable sender


When sending a message, remember that it is a good idea to insert the sender with your domain that is easily identifiable by the customer. Otherwise, many readers will not open this message. You should also provide the name of the website or store for which we are preparing the campaign. Thanks to this, our recipient will not encounter problems identifying who the message is from.


Subject – little big thing


This is one of the main (if not the biggest) factors behind getting a good open rate. However, writing a good topic is not that easy or simple. Attracting readers’ attention takes time and creativity, and knowing your audience. Therefore, strive to be concise and specific, try to hook and get the attention of your readers.


Jednak napisanie dobrego tematu nie jest takie łatwe ani proste. Przyciągnięcie uwagi czytelników wymaga czasu i kreatywności oraz znajomości swoich odbiorców. Dlatego bądź zwięzły i konkretny, postaraj się wzbudzić ciekawość u czytelników.


What does a good topic actually mean?

  • You can ask a question.
  • Give a title to a certain story.
  • Get the reader’s attention.
  • Be personal.
  • Write “I have a request” – it works great, but please don’t overuse this topic.
  • Add an enumeration e.g. “Top 7 things that …”



Each topic must be covered in the content! Otherwise, your recipient will become alienated from you.


Content: What to write in the newsletter?


Remember that although readers have signed up to your database, they will not want to be bombarded by your offers.

Select the content you want to send and schedule when you are planning to send educational content, sales content, and when it will be sending a tutorial or something fun. The content of the message should be mainly educational, in other words, provide value to build empathy with the reader and generate authority.


Make your content clear, bold and spread out, as well as professional and legible graphics. Choose the right colours for your CTA and font size. What your message looks like matters because first impressions, like the subject, either attract or detract. Also remember to match the visual identification to your website.


Call to Action – CTA


A newsletter is not only sharing interesting information, but also a great opportunity to get people to make additional traffic.

This could be signing up for a discounted event, or just referring them to view the latest posts on your site, or at the end of your message, ask them a question so they can just chat. Always encourage and guide people to get involved in what you are doing.


Email marketing footer for eCommerce


This is a good place to post links to your social media, handy page shortcuts, or say goodbye. It is important to include information on why someone is receiving the message from us, and remember to always allow unsubscribing.


Good practices in Email marketing in eCommerce – Proven email marketing strategies


e-mail marketing sprawdzone strategie


The newsletter is all about giving your customers great and valuable experiences that will keep them engaged with your brand and product. Below are some key email marketing strategy tips to help you improve the performance of your campaigns. These are the basics.


Welcome message in

eCommerce email marketing  is it so important?


When new subscribers register to receive your newsletter, they expect messages from you. That’s why they signed up. It’s a simple rule – they left an email for some reason – even if it’s a PDF they want to receive from you with valuable content – NOW YOU HAVE MANAGED TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. The best time to contact new users is to register them; then they look for confirmation messages from you, but that’s not all. You can send a series of welcome emails of at least 2/3 of the messages so that new subscribers can get to know you a bit. This way, you can introduce yourself in detail, set expectations for your relationship, and maybe even segment your contacts to make your future communication with them even better. Do subscribers really care? Sure! Welcome emails are opened more than 85%, so it’s worth using such messages to increase sales, engage the recipient or simply establish a relationship.


Personalization of e-mail marketing messages in eCommerce


You may have more than one target audience that you are trying to reach. It is common for a product or service to attract more than just one segment of users. But what if you know you won’t be able to reach everyone with a single message? This is where personalization comes in. Personalization can efficiently improve open rates, clicks and engagement while reducing bounces, unsubscribes and spam reports. If you are not segmenting the list and are not personalizing your email, you must enter this. For example, if someone subscribes to the database related to relaxation courses, and you also run a newsletter related to running a business, you probably cannot send the same content to both databases (i.e. you can, but is it worth it?). Sending emails with content tailored to each audience segment is a great way to keep subscribers happy, and those who are satisfied are more likely to buy.

In addition, do not forget about a very simple personalization, I mean referring to our recipient by name, but must sound obvious 😉


Email marketing loyalty program for eCommerce


It is so simple and so rarely used – hardly anyone uses this method of operation. The loyalty program shows that you appreciate and respect your customer, thus attracting them even more. It has been known for a long time that regular customers bring higher income in the long run. One of the fastest and easiest ways to build a dedicated and loyal fan base is to create a dedicated loyalty club for the best and most committed.


The more active a person is, the more benefits he has.


An abandoned cart as part of your eCommerce email marketing strategy


About 75% of buyers will “abandon their baskets” when shopping. These are just facts. But that doesn’t mean the sale is gone forever. Why is this happening? There can be many reasons, but no matter what they are, it is worth reminding our recipient that they have something valuable in their basket.


Educational and sales campaign


You have probably encountered a situation where, immediately after signing up for email marketing in eCommerce, you receive a sales message – even in the same week. Perhaps this practice has its merits, however, before you start offering products or services to your recipient, “deliver” value to them. You can do this with a sequence of emails that will take the reader from point A to point B, where not necessarily point B will be your product. Educate, inform, take the recipient into your world – the product will only be an accessory that will be received with joy.


Upsell and cross sell emails as email marketing in eCommerce


Upsell and similar emails are sent to customers who purchased the specific item. The goal is to sell additional products and increase AOV. Average Order Value of your store.


Is Email marketing in eCommerce still effective?


e-mail marketing cross sell and up sell


Not only is eCommerce Email marketing still effective, but I believe it is still the most effective marketing strategy available.


Look at this:


  • In 2020, people around the world will send over 300 billion emails.
  • This number is expected to grow to ~ 374 billion by 2025
  • The average email subscriber receives 13 commercial e-mail messages per day
  • Over 50% of people check their email before doing anything else


It seems that whatever new software has hit the ground in the last decade, email is irreplaceable and for marketers it’s a really good NEWS 😉 Because when you look at email marketing open rates compared to other platforms, it’s not even a contest.

Email marketing in eCommerce has an open rate of, say, an average of 23% and a click rate of 4.5%.

You can safely get better results. Comparing this with the engagement rate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have a significant gap here. Email is also not used by only one age group. It turns out that almost all age groups use email.


The most common mistakes in Email marketing in eCommerce


e-mail marketing najczęstsze błędy


While the communication channel works for many businesses, many Email campaigns fail. The reasons range from boring content to a bad strategy, leading small businesses to run poorly email marketing campaigns.

What are the most common mistakes?


  • Lack of segmentation of e-mail lists – so that users receive messages that are not important to them
  • Boring news – mostly sales with no call to action
  • No welcome message, not even the one confirming subscription
  • The message is not responsive – more and more users are using e-mail via mobile phones
  • No preheader
  • Irregular mailing – do you think one message a month will do the trick? Unfortunately, it’s not that good. Set specific days (test first) and then send your content regularly
  • No test message – which causes a large number of errors
  • Too many pictures in the message / no text
  • Not using the full potential of the “footer”




Email marketing in eCommerce is an inexpensive way to reach potential customers, but poorly designed campaigns give users the impression that the company just wants to take their money while offering little in return.

Successful campaigns put customers’ needs first when composing emails and offer real solutions to everyday problems without promising unreal miracles. By avoiding common mistakes, you can reach your audience much more effectively than you can with traditional radio and TV spots alone, or even the mainstream Social Media.

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